This is the pattern i’m using for my first attempt at a relief carving.
Yes. It’s ludicrously complicated.
I may be subconsciously attempting to completely mangle the wood.

Honestly, though, it was the simplest pattern i could find which i’d actually want to keep when i’m done with it. And i know if i don’t like it i’m just going to procrastinate and never finish.
Besides, i’m going to be starting with the cross and the circle, and working down to the knotwork, so i can probably stop early and still have a decent carving. which i may do anyway, as i don’t particularly like the knotwork in the circle, it seems a bit out of proportion with the rest. (then again, if i’m doing really well up to that point, i may go through with it just for the challenge. kind of doubt that will be an issue, though.)

Pattern credits (because i’m saving any attempts at doing my own patterns until after i actually know what i’m doing with the sharp things):
Classic Carving Patterns – Assorted Religious Crosses Pattern Package

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