Survival Mechanisms

I’d exercise, tell myself stories, draw eseekas on the ground…

…Relax your mind. Imagine that the circle encompasses your entire existence. Let it become part of you.

Now without thinking about it, allow your hand to make a mark inside the circle. Expand on the mark. Let it grow organically until it becomes a pattern.

Last week was… not a good week for me.

And then Friday comes along and the Illo Friday topic is ‘survival’.

I am taking this either as proof the universe has a sense of humour or proof the universe wants me to go to a doctor already.

(Yeah. It was that kind of bad week. And i’ve been having such weeks on-and-off for 10+ years now and would really like them to stop and it’s somehow only just occurred to me that maybe i can.)

So now, on the one hand i’m somewhat grudgingly tracking all the brainstuff so i have something to drag along to the inevitable doctor/psychiatrist appointment(s) to figure out what is wrong and what’s to be done about it, and on the other hand i’m trying to sort out various ways to deal with brainstuff until then.

Enter eseekas. Okay, so ‘pop psychology’ takes on whole new meaning when your ‘therapy’ literally comes from an episode of Star Trek. Whatever works.

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