Suspicions | © 2013 Keelan Rosa | Pencil & Coloured Pencil, 12"x9" | $15

Suspicions | © 2013 Keelan Rosa | Pencil & Coloured Pencil, 12″x9″ | $15

I love using colour in my artwork. Hell, there were a few times in art school when I got in a bit of trouble for doing fauvist art when we weren’t supposed to. (I like fauvism. No regrets. It was better than getting in trouble for having a snowball fight in the dorms… I think. We didn’t actually get caught on that one, but I presume the resultant trouble would have been bigger than doing an extra-colourful homework assignment.)

For the past few (okay, ten) years, I’ve mostly been sticking to digital colour. There’s much more room for experimentation there. I might play around with traditional coloured media once in a while, but you can’t really do digital-style layers with coloured pencil. (I like layers, too. Everything else in digital art ranges from ‘absolutely useless to me’ to ‘slightly more convenient than the traditional alternative’, but layers are amazing.)

I’m starting to miss coloured pencil, though. I still want my digital layers, but I’d like a bit of colour in the traditional work my digital pieces start with. Hence a (very tiny) bit of colour experimentation before even the first scan.

I blame Daily Paintworks for this, my traditional artwork feels dull compared to all those bright paintings.

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