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If you like what you saw on the illustration page, but want something more personal than just another print from the shop, consider hiring me to do a commission. Most of my work is done digitally at a high resolution, resulting in files suitable for printing at large sizes. At request, i can also work in traditional media, including pencil, ink, conte, charcoal, pastel, coloured pencils, and acrylics.

Download a price quote request form: PDF request form | Plain text request form
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Watering the Garden


General Illustration: I do all kinds of illustrations for any purpose you can imagine. Prices depend on image complexity and usage.

The Ant King

Cover Illustrations: I can do a book cover illustration, complete with title and author name, as either a front cover, front and back covers, or a full wraparound cover. Prices depend on complexity and usage.

Forbidden Fruit

Spot Illustrations: Illustrations for short stories, for articles, for scattering about in a book. Prices vary depending on size, complexity, and usage, but in general, a black-and-white illustration will be about $75 and a colour illustration will be about $115.

Sci-Fi Portraits: Envision yourself as a Robot Overlord, your girlfriend as a wild half-animal jungle girl, your group of friends as a flock of exquisite fairies, or your pesky little brother as an alien? I’ll make a full-colour, full-body portrait of any of them for you for $75.


Email me for a price quote with any details relevant to your illustration: when you need it completed by, the type of illustration you want and what you’ll be using it for, and some idea of what you want in the illustration. For best results in a cover or spot illustration, a summary of the story or article to be illustrated (or, even better, the full story or article) is helpful.

I’ll email you back within 24 hours with a price quote and any other important details or questions. If you accept the price, i’ll get to work. I’ll email you a few more times during the process to keep you updated on how your picture looks and be sure you like the direction it’s going.

Once the image is complete, i’ll send you a low-resolution image for approval, then the finished high-resolution image after payment is complete. Unless you specify otherwise, the final high-resolution image will be a 400dpi RGB JPEG image.

Prints vs. Digital Images

You’ll receive a digital copy of any image commissioned, which will be large enough to print up yourself or at a print shop, or i can arrange to print the illustration and have it shipped to you. Exact prices of prints depend on the size of the print, the paper or canvas type, and the frame or matting of the print.

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