First attempt at a wood/linoleum/whatever block print (well, first attempt since printmaking class six-or-so years ago) Not bad, i think. Managed to do the whole thing without stabbing myself once, which i think is a record for me. And it’s more or less clear what it’s supposed to be. I even got the ‘exist’ lettering (mostly) legible. Lessons learned: details are way harder than i remember (carving them wasn’t so difficult, but getting them inked just right was damn near impossible). And in large ‘blank’ areas the background-carving is going to show up at least a bit, so ‘carve it all out the fastest way possible’ won’t necessarily look good.

So, story behind the illo: the Illustration Friday theme for this week is ‘resolutions’. I could go on a big long-winded wordvomit on how i don’t do regular resolutions but i do want to learn woodcarving this winter, hence the block print, and i’m trying to be more… open, i guess?… of my neutrois existence. This is hardly a New Year’s resolution so much as a resolution i made some time ago… and have been constantly reminded of since. Bah.

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  1. Wow, looks brilliant on the skateboard (although would the trucks end up obscuring the lettering a bit?)! I want to do some printing this year as well – it’s so different to drawing; scary and exciting.