Sort-of-art update: I’ll be raising prices on my prints within the next week. Truth be told I massively underpriced them when I first started selling them, just wanted enough to cover ink, but they’re selling well enough for printmaking time to be eating into my other art-making time. Which means they need to move on to actual make-a-living income.
Theoretically they should actually be in the $15-$20 range (which would cover expenses and time spend printing and actually put them on the low end of screen-printed art) but, as mentioned, massively underpriced at the start. Rather than double them all at once I’ll be moving them up $1 a month until they hit a good balance between income and time spent printing/restocking.

Non-art update: I have a new blog, Skilone, dedicated to various learn-something-new projects. September was learning to cook. October will be learning to make videos.
(November will be something absurdly low-key because November is National Novel Writing Month and all my non-art/non-work time will be spent working on a near-future urban fantasy story.)

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