Hunger | © 2013 Keelan Rosa | Pencil, 9"x12" | $15

Hunger | © 2013 Keelan Rosa | Pencil, 9″x12″

Just a generic zombie. She’s still got a bit of fight left in her.

By coincidence i ended up drawing this right after reading an article about the animals killed while producing vegetarian food. I’d already planned on sketching up a zombie for general drawing-the-undead practice, but there’s a very different thought pattern in drawing mindless flesh-eating undead monsters right after reading an omnivore vs. herbivore debate.

(‘Debate’ is perhaps putting it a bit… nicely. The article in question points out developing fields for agriculture kills quite a few animals, and thus – in areas where cattle and other meat-producing animals graze on natural land – meat-eating actually results in less animal deaths than being vegetarian. This is not a theory which extrapolates well to areas like where i live, where factory farming and agriculturally-fed beef is the norm. The article has a few other issues as well, but when the #1 point is functionally useless it seems petty to point out every other flaw. At any rate i think about 80% of the comments left on the article, whether from veg*ns or not, show a complete lack of ability to actually read the article one is commenting on…)

For reference, i don’t consider meat-eaters on equal footing as zombies… though i’ve yet to solidify my opinion on those who mindlessly tear down others without attempting to actually contribute to (or even fully understand) the conversation being had.

Original pencil art available for $15

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