Raven Screenprints

Raven Screenprints

Cheap paper, cheap screenprinting kit, cheap stencil.

Just practising to get the hang of things, partly so when i use better stuff i don’t ruin it.

I seem to have somehow gotten it into my head to learn a new art technique every month. My inner artist is saying this will lead to focusing too much on technique and not enough on art, my inner professional is saying this will be horrible for consistent work, and my inner scanner is saying it won’t last more than a few months anyway – but screenprinting is an overall useful skill, so i’m just going to roll with it for now. I’ll sort out the whole is-a-new-technique-every-month-actually-a-good-idea issue in three weeks.

Aforementioned concerns aside, spending a month working on speedpainting was definitely useful. I’ve learned some time-saving tricks which will make things go smoother on my more finished pieces. On the flip side, most of my paintings can be (and were) described as ‘yet another simple portrait’. There was ‘Flustras kun Arboj‘, and a few hundoj which i haven’t gotten round to uploading yet, but mostly i focused on painting faces instead of any ‘proper’ art-making. (Which raises the question of what’s ‘proper’ art, but generally speaking i tend to be dissatisfied when technique is the most important part of the painting.) I’m hoping screenprinting will prove more interesting – the stencil method i’m using means complex images are particularly tricky, and there’s the possibility of multiple colours to take into account, but for the most part it seems once one learns the basics there’s not much more to technically improve upon, so i may actually be able to focus on technique for a month and still have some non-technically-centred pieces by the end.

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