Agh. Haven’t updated in a while due to a major lack of Internet. It wasn’t completely gone, and when it was up it worked quite well, but it went back out again so frequently it was impossible to do pretty much anything. I have no less than three finished pieces i need to upload, two of which i haven’t even bothered formatting for upload yet… lazy me.

Anyway, while the Internet was gone i got an iPod Touch… not for music, but so i could use it as a digital sketchbook. It was either that or a Nintendo DS, but i’d have to jailbreak the NDS to run all the art software i know of – and while i’ve no moral issues with jailbreaking hardware (i damn well paid for it and will therefore run whatever i damn well please on it, Big Tech Companies), jailbreaking is one more thing i’d need to redo after i inevitably brick it and have to restore the system (this is also why my Nano no longer runs Linux).

So, while the NDS actually has pressure sensitivity (and the NDSi has, zomg, a camera – far be it from me to figure out why a company with well-paid marketing and R&D departments do what they do, but does the decision to put a video camera in the Nano and leave the Touch cameraless make sense to anyone outside Apple? Anyone?), the Touch won out.

I’ve since installed and played with Brushes and pretty much any free art software i could find (the lite versions of SketchBook Mobile and Colors and some other program i can’t remember the name of but didn’t like much anyway). So far SketchBook MobileX is my favourite, though i want to play with it a little more before i buy the full version (yes, it’s only about five dollars. But if i’d spent five dollars on every app i liked just since i got the Touch, i’d be out a few hundred by now.)

Most of my fun’s going to have to wait a bit, though, as my mum’s borrowing it to use as an ereader while she goes on vacation (side note: ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG KINDLE APP AWESOMESAUCE.) And by the time she gets back, NaNoWriMo will have started and i will be dead to the non-writing world.

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