Sketch: Reject Pile

Pencil, 5½×3½ in. » ©2008 Sharon Rosa

In a faroff six-sigma Japanese robotic factory, every piece used to build the robots is examined to be sure it is perfect before being installed in a robot. The slightest flaw even a scratch, is enough to send a piece to the reject bins.

The factory janitor, poor as he is, has a young son who is very clever at robotics, and so he brings entire reject bins home for his boy to practice his robot-building with. Because of the high standards at the factory, even the “rejected” pieces are often quite good, and most of the boy’s reject-pile robots are fully functional… but they tend to be a bit on the emo side.

*sigh* “Yes, Qwerty, i will always love you… No, i’m not going to throw you in a reject bin as soon as i finish building a better robot… Oh, stop leaking, i didn’t mean i plan on actually building a better robot! You’re perfect just the way you-” *clunk* “Okay, your joints aren’t perfect, but…”

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