…So this is what happens when i sketch while watching TV.

‘S a few weeks old, but i was watching an episode of Law & Order in which… well, the details are probably not something most people are interested in reading, but the important bit is a gay man was being charged with hate crimes against gay men.

Naturally there was an awful lot of ‘How can a gay man hate gay men?’… which made me laugh a bit the first time but after half an episode it was just saddening.

This wasn’t originally meant to be a self-portrait (and drawing-wise, it’s not), i was just going to write on generic things queer people are frequently on the receiving end of. By the time i actually started writing i changed my mind and decided to stick with things i’ve heard myself – it seems most times when someone tries to list off ‘things [Marginalised Group] hear regularly’, someone else (mostly, Someone With a Gay/Black/Trans*/Etc. Friend) defiantly claims they’ve never heard it so it clearly doesn’t come up that often. Frankly, i don’t want to deal with that sort of derailment. So this is all things i’ve personally heard. Mostly things which have been said directly to me, by people who know i’m trans.

How is it shocking for queer people to hate each other and ourselves when we’re constantly having people explain to us why we’re hate-worthy?

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