Yeah, i suck at updating the CIA. There’s finally a new one, though… yay!

Originally i was planning on doing a new CIA every time i finished a new illustration. Obviously that didn’t work out. I tried it a few times and it shortened my light-bulb lifespan by 66%. So now i’m planning on doing a new one once a month… probably simple stuff like wallpapers for the next few months, too, YAY BUSINESS SCHOOL.

I’m planning on doing more non-CIA freebies in upcoming months though, too, because i want to try my hand at selling vector stock and i want to see how people react to free vector art before i go asking for money for it. So, presuming iCal doesn’t implode again*, it’ll sort of balance out.

*It will. It implodes on a weekly basis. Yesterday it created a small black hole which took the Internet router out just before opening a rift in space-time which allowed a Dalek ship to escape the Time Wars and make it into my house. Fortunately, some crazy dude who lives in a physics-bending police box was in the neighbourhood investigating a temporal anomaly in the basement of our local pub, and he saved the day with naught but a sonic screwdriver. I need to get me one of those.

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