No IF this week (um… last week. No “Fail” IF. I should have a “Primitive” IF). And thus no drawing this week (Radha won last week’s, for the curious). ‘Twas a crazy week, and today promises to be a crazy day, and this weekend… oohh. Let’s not think about this weekend just yet.

Anyway. Now y’all know i haven’t dropped off the face of the earth.

On a bit of a rambling note, i’m a business student (for those who don’t already know) and decided, as an experiment, to write a business plan for Torn Canvas. I actually finished a (rather shoddy) business plan before realising it was going to take me in an artistic direction i didn’t want to go in. The weird thing being i wasn’t sure what direction i did want to go in – just that it wasn’t the direction i’d end up going if i followed my business plan.

Which led to me sitting and thinking for a while about what direction i do want to go. After all, it’s pretty hard to get where you’re going if you don’t know where it is. I’m not going to get into some big GTD/Simple•ology/Steve Palina “Discover Your Goal in Life”-type post here but basically i narrowed things down pretty quickly just by thinking about what i don’t like in my current life, how i want to change it, and why i’d change it like that. (side note: I think most people, trying to decide what they want to do in life, will do better off looking at increasing the things they like, rather than how to get rid of the things they don’t like. But, at the risk of sounding really cheesy, i love my current life so much, focusing on the things i like would leave me thinking i ought not change anything, even though there’s a few things i really don’t like. I’d think i ought just put up with them. And i don’t wanna.)

The thing i like the least about my current life is where i live. I live in the suburbs. I’ve lived in cities before and i much prefer them. I started thinking about why i prefer living in the city. Which led to a thought process kind of like this:

  • I have to drive to get anywhere. I prefer the metro.
  • I prefer the metro because i can draw on the metro.
  • I’d rather draw on the metro than draw at home because i like drawing people.

It’s not really that big a revelation. I’ve always known i enjoy drawing people. I just don’t normally take into account how much i love drawing people. Obviously, i have other reasons for preferring the city (and even other reasons for preferring the metro – i love the metro!) but the people is what really pushes it from “preference” to downright “love one, hate the other.”

I’m not really sure where i’m going with this. Like the title of the post says, “nonsensicalness.” But i will certainly be re-writing the “business plan” and doing my utmost to add many, many more faces, people, and portraits to my upcoming work.

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