TLDR: my site is going to be a bit messy for a while. Details below, for those who want to mock my IT failure.

So I used to keep my illo site over at

I’ve been meaning to switch it over to my space for a while now, for a whole pile of reasons, but never got around to it because, well, that takes time and website-changes are the sort of thing where the amount of time expected and the amount of time it actually takes is a bit off because something goes horribly wrong somewhere along the line and… well, I kept meaning to put it off until some time where I had a day (or two) to make sure everything went smooth and there was no glitch in service.

And then yesterday evening, right before going out with family and with no time to handle glitches, I tried to update WordPress on TC and the install failed spectacularly. (I still don’t know what went wrong; I was using the automatic update instead of doing it myself, because lol faster this way, right? I should’ve known better, as automatic updates of anything have never worked well on that server, but oh well.) Point is, is temporarily dead and I can only get in through FTP and while I don’t mind FTP, it’s going to take a while to clear out whatever went wrong and put anything new up.

Due to the Glory of Backups (and the Glory of Clean WordPress Installs being Very Easy), it’s easier to just switch everything from to now than it is to fix TC, and since I was planning on ditching TC soon-ish anyway there’s no real reason not to. But it’s still, y’know, Clean New WordPress Install until I get the theme re-installed and the pages sorted and all that jazz.