As an experiment, i’m going to try blogging the work-in-progress of this week’s IF.

This is a stupid decision on my part, because this week is crazy busy. However, i’ve noticed whenever i let crazy business push back an idea i have, it either never materialises… or something forces me to do it during an even busier time period. So, screw it. I’m trying this now instead of waiting. If it doesn’t work out, i won’t do it again. If i can pull it off on this week, though, then i can probably pull it off every week.

Now i’m going to be really embarrassed if i don’t finish this week’s illo…

So, for starters: This week’s Illustration Friday theme is “Punchline.” I don’t watch much TV, but i blame the shows i do watch for my initial reaction: “Oh! Oh! One of those big crazy boxers with the freaky masks!”

Took a moment for me to remember it’s wrestlers who wear the freaky masks, not boxers. And wrestlers don’t, um, punch. And therefore wouldn’t be very good for the theme “punchline.” So i switched my idea from boxer to super-hero – he gets to wear a mask and he can still punch out the bad guys )

Whipped up a quick highly-subject-to-change-but-it’ll-help-me-focus character description:

Most heroes work high-paying jobs by day and save the world from super-villains at night. Punchline, however, saves the world during the day, when all the other heroes are preoccupied, and makes his money working the comedy clubs at night. This secret identity gives Punchline an extra advantage in that villains never really know where he is, as he tours the clubs on a national level and is rarely in the same city for more than a few days.

…and only after writing the description remembered there’s already a super-hero named Punchline in the comic “Super Stupor.” Though our two Punchlines are different enough for it not to matter, i suppose…

Milholland’s also done some fun stuff involving Mexican wrestling masks and insane Asian girls in one of his other comics, but i’ve no clue where that particular storyline is and i’m not planning on searching through six back-years of comics to find it. Suffice to say he’s worked his way into my brain. Thanks a lot, Randy.