Punchline Thumbnails

Thumbnails for “Punchline.” I pretty much knew from the start i’d go with my first idea, but i tried a few others anyway. I ditched the second idea because it doesn’t seem to really connect the idea of Punchline and his stand-up alter ego being the same person, and i ditched the third idea because the whole “ZOMG! His shadow’s different!” concept is a bit overdone.

I didn’t take the time to do a detailed face study – just enough to get a general idea. The guy on the right looks more likely to successfully beat someone up, but the guy on the left looks more likely to risk trying – so i’m going with Skinny Guy on the Left. As for the mask – the full-face one with the tiny features would scare me to death if i saw someone wearing it in real life, so it’s perfect for what i’m going for.

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