Starting tomorrow i’m going to be participating in an Art-A-Day challenge, kind of like Get the Lead Out but for only a month, and with daily themes.

To add a little extra challenge for myself, i was planning on switching to digital sketches for the month and using something like Sketchcast to show my drawings. I gave it a try today, though, and wasn’t too thrilled with the available drawing tools. So it’s either a combination of Photoshop and a screen-capture tool (tried that, for some longer works, and it’s more hassle than it’s worth – at least for a short drawing) or a nice oekaki board. My web-host has its own oekaki available for download; i might install it to TC and see how i like it. Or i might just stick with pen-and-ink sketches, and aim my shoddy webcam at the sketchbook. We’ll find out tomorrow… ~_^

[edit] Okay, we won’t find out tomorrow; i tested my webcam, and it doesn’t work, so i installed DOekaki, and will likely be using that. Right now it’s pretty much all at default settings; i’ll prettify it tomorrow/this weekend. Anyone else wants to fool around with it, feel free (um, if you can. Like i said, default settings. Not sure if anyone can fool around with it until i tinker with it a bit. Too tired now. Meh.)

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