For a “daily” site, i haven’t updated in over a week. Which would be okay if i had so much stuff to do i had no time to draw or paint… and, well, i have been pretty busy, but i’ve got a Special Backlog of pictures for occasions like this. I really have no excuse, i just fell out of the habit of updating – very quickly and very hard, i might add.

But, y’know what? This week’s IF theme is “Save.” My old “Emergency” will work just fine for that. So, rather than even attempt to do a full piece this week, i’m going to work Really Really Hard at getting back into the habit of posting every day, and use “Emergency” as the completed piece of the week. Hopefully by next week, everything will be back to Situation Normal, with daily sketches and a full-blown weekly image.

Actual post with an actual painting coming soon-ish. “Emergency” re-post coming in a few days. Rar!

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