I just made up a new price list for my deviantArt prints – up until now, every time i submitted a print, i left the prices as dA sets them by default. Mainly because i didn’t have a proper price list and i knew if i tried to set the prices any different without a list, i’d end up with a bunch of inconsistent prices because the next time i uploaded a print i’d have forgotten what prices i used before ~_^

Well, dA’s default prices are a bit expensive, and i needed a copy of my prints price list anyway. So i basically copied the dA products/base prices/default prices into a spreadsheet and let my Special Brand of Spreadsheet OCD have some fun for a while, and then went back and edited all the prints i have to match the list. Meaning all my prints are now much cheaper than they used to be – some only about half as much as what they were under dA’s default prices. Yay Cheap Stuff.

I’m not going to post the Whole Freakin’ Huge Price List (who would care to look at it, anyway?) but just to give an idea, these are the [current] costs of a few print sizes:
4″x6″ Prints – now $0.89
8″x12″ Prints – now $6.82
9″x12″ Prints – now $8.12
10″x15″ Prints – now $8.85
dA’s default prices for those sizes range from $1.95 to $15.49 – so, yeah, a price list of my very own is definitely in order.

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