Yesterday | © 2013 Keelan Rosa | Blockprint, 6.5"x9.5" | $6

Yesterday | © 2013 Keelan Rosa | Blockprint, 6.5″x9.5″

The trees of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

…I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a depressing or optimistic piece. There is purposely only one sapling in the ‘tomorrow’ section of the print – a good many cut-down trees aren’t replaced soon after, if ever, and the effect a sapling has on the ecosystem is drastically different from the effect a full-grown tree has. But there is something.

Original print available for $6

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  1. To me, it is definitely an optimistic piece. No matter how many trees are cut down around it, a sapling will always grow from a good seed, if the conditions are right. The conditions are clearly right in your piece, so the sapling grows!

    I like it!