Inspired by the Illustration Friday theme, Worn (it’s a few days late >_<) I ended up going with a less straightforward interpretation, that of a fae slave worn out by too much work. I may end up doing a whole alphabet book like this; i'll decide for sure after trying a few more.

Click for larger view

Click for larger view (complete with almost-proper screentone)

Tried messing around with screentones for the greyscale in this one… amazing how many ways there are to mess up screentones. The most obvious (at least in this picture) being i used too fine a tone, so in most of the low-res online copies, the tone just looks grey or only slightly textured (the “larger view” linked to above is pretty clear, but still a little fuzzy in the really fine parts, or where multiple tones overlap). At print resolution the screentones are much clearer.

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