Sketch: Plain Cambot, Rear View

©2009 Sharon Rosa

I think i need to come up with proper model names for some of these androids, especially the ones which show up repeatedly, like the one-eyed limbless cambot.

My geeky inner child wants to figure out some sort of code system of complicated number-names, like every other tech company does now – for example, on my desk right now is an iBook G4, an Eee PC 900A, an Epson Perfection V200, and an HP Photosmart 7350. It’s all basically “Company name + Product name people can actually remember + Not-quite-entirely-random number.” (Incidentally, i actually DID come up with complicated number-codes to differentiate the several thousand clones in my first attempt at National Novel Writing Month. The main character was 3323-0, which basically translated as “Race category 3, Ability category 3, Gender category 2 [Female], Clone 3, Series 0.” And it’s, um, actually kind of worrisome that i still remember it so precisely over four years later…)

Anyway. I draw enough similar types of androids, i really ought to do something like that for them as well. This one’s popped up a few times, most notably in Plain, although this model has a mouth where Plain didn’t. Something like the Rosa Cambot 10100-S…

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