Here’s the deal: I want to raise my prices in my Imagekind print shop. Lots of little reasons, most of which i don’t think anyone really cares about, so i’ll spare the long-winded details. Especially since it’s not exactly a huge massive price increase. The cheap $9 prints are now $9.25.

But before i do that, i’m putting the whole shop on sale. So the $9-$9.25 prints are now $8.57. It’s not a huge discount, but i literally can’t make it any cheaper with Imagekind’s markup system.

I’m also going to put stuff on sale more often. I haven’t decided when the next shop-wide sale is going to happen, but i’m planning on putting new images up at a cheaper, sort of introductory price and leaving them that way for a week or so.

A few notes on the sale:

  • The current shop-wide sale is only lasting until 3 April. Then it all goes up to the new pricing and the only sale images will be the new ones.
  • This is only happening on my Imagekind store. I sell prints through deviantART, too, but it’s not nearly as easy to adjust the prices. I tried adjusting all my dA print prices a year or two ago and just about went blind. I’m not even sure i ever actually finished. Suffice to say i’m never changing a dA price again until the system gets a bit easier; what i put in when i upload the print is what it’s staying at, dammit.
  • Imagekind pretty much always has some kind of promotion going on, whether it’s for framing or shipping or prints on a certain type of paper. I’m rather ashamed to say i honestly don’t know what their current promotion is, but i’ll be sure to post the promotions whenever i not-so-subtly remind everyone which piece is on sale from now on.