Another new page for the Depressing Faerie Letters. It was originally meant to be based on the Illustration Friday theme again (this week: Impatience), but i’m already pretty happy with I is for Idle and ended up doing opposites instead – the impatient little fae, whose tiny wings haven’t yet developed enough for her to fly up and grab a snack, and the oh-so-patient bean-nathair.

Click for larger view

Click for larger view (complete with proper screentone)

This, incidentally, is one reason why the fae tribe featured in M is for Modify consider snakes to be a problem. While a normal snake has no ethical problems with eating any small creature it can catch – including wee fae – the shapeshifting bean-nathair are much more devious about how they catch their supper. A somewhat hungry bean-nathair will just munch on any fae which crosses her path. A very hungry bean-nathair will hold a fae-child hostage until someone notices the child missing, and then will have the whole search party for dinner. Someone hasn’t quite got around to warning this particular little girl of such a danger, apparently…

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