A simple gift tag for your holiday gift-giving. Hi-res image is 600×1050 pixels, or 2×3.5 inches, but it should be fairly easy to crop and resize to whatever you need. Stick it in whatever label-making software you prefer and print up a whole pile of ’em.

It’s also available for sale via Zazzle in packs of 100, if you prefer (‘but why on earth would i want to *pay* for something i can just print up for free?’ Because Zazzle will put it on shiny pearl or gold or platinum paper for you and then your very gift tags will be enough to distract your ADHD relatives.)

Black and White Christmas Tree Gift Tag

awesome shinies!
$27.50 for shiny stuff, $22.50 for ultra/heavy white, $17.95 for cream or plain white.

Licensed under a CC-BY-NC-SA license. Basically: Edit yes, sell no, give a link back.

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