Roughly based on the scene in “Macbeth” in which the witches bring forth three apparitions to prophecy to him, including a head which warns him to beware Macduff.

I’m not a big fan of Shakespeare – “Macbeth” is one of his few plays which i consider at least tolerable. I don’t find the overall plot particularly interesting, but it’s better than “Romeo and Juliet” (which reads like it was swiped from an emo teenage girl’s LiveJournal) or “A Comedy of Errors” (i refuse to acknowledge “as many cases of mistaken identity strung together as the audience will tolerate” as a proper plot.)

Lack of interest in the overall plot notwithstanding, i am a huge sucker for “prophecies” which turn out to be little more than the prophet (or witch, or apparition; whatever) punking the subject with stuff like “Oh, you don’t need to worry until the very trees in the woods start to move. Like that’s gonna happen. Hahaha‚Ķ”

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