Another Punchline character, Sourpuss.


©2008 Sharon Rosa

A former cat-burglar, Sourpuss was imprisoned after a heist gone wrong. While in prison, Sourpuss survived two poisoning attempts and a cafeteria salmonella outbreak with no ill effects, and a bit of experimentation proved he had the ability to remove all hazards from food simply by touching it. After his release from prison, he promptly went back to work as a thief, now robbing orchards and donating the food to soup kitchens and third-world countries.

Labelled a villain by the mainstream media, Sourpuss is actually a member of the Hero’s Guild, albeit an antisocial and unorthodox member. He was given the odd name of “Sourpuss” by newscasters after his first major fruit heist, in which he stripped a citrus orchard of every last lemon.

Despite his HG membership, Sourpuss doesn’t really get along with other heroes. He’s not fond of the name given him by the media, and he can’t stand those “fancy-shmancy” costumes all the other heroes wear. He prefers the same old sweatsuit he used back in his criminal days. Of course, this has lead to more than a few incidents in which heroes thought he was an actual criminal, so now he wears his Hero’s Guild Membership Card pinned to his sweatsuit like a badge. It’s the only way he can avoid arrest.

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