Sketch: Lizard Lady

Pencil, 11×8½ in. » ©2008 Sharon Rosa

This bouncy female vampire has slanted gray eyes that lack any white. Her white hair actually acts as a kind of sensory organ, like a cat’s whiskers. She is short and has a feminine build. Her brown skin is like a reptile’s skin. Her feet have claw-like nails. Her body moves jerkily and unnaturally. She has strange, seductive powers. She has the standard vampiric disabilities. Her diet requires blood of males.
from the Seventh Sanctum Vampire Generator

It’s pretty difficult to make a whisker-haired zombie-lizard “seductive.” I guess that’s why her seductive powers are also described as “strange…”

I copped out and used a technique a particular alien pulled in an episode of Star Trek. The alien woman had special pheromones in her tears which caused any male who touched her tears (usually wiping them away while trying to comfort her) to immediately fall madly in love with her. As long as this vampiress can get people to feel sorry for her, she should be okay.

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