Sketch: Stare

Pencil, 5½×3½ in. » ©2008 Sharon Rosa

Yeah, i got no good description for this. It’s a robot, or robot-like woman. Staring. w00t.

Oh, and i’d like to come up with a decent excuse for not updating for, like, a month. Except i don’t have a decent excuse. I have a sketchbook full of pictures which haven’t been scanned yet, and a new computer*, and an amount of cats which somehow adds up to being kind of the same amount of cats i had two weeks ago**. But i have no excuse for not blogging. Opa.

*New computer! Yeah, almost an excuse for computer disappearances, ’cause, um, i totally don’t have the scanner set up yet? Except the new computer is a netbook which i’m mainly using for working on my NaNoWriMo novel on the bus. The old computer is still my big fancy shiny artsy computer.

**Election Day was pretty effing surreal.

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