Mira II | © 2012 Keelan Rosa | Digital | $10.44

Mira II | © 2012 Keelan Rosa | Digital | $10.44

An alternative version of Mira. I think i like the original better, she looks more like a unique person instead of yet another stock model.

Despite the ‘II’ in the image name, this is just the second ‘finished’ illo i’ve done of Mira. As far as less-finished illos, there’s been maybe a dozen. She’s supposed to be an earth-spirit of some sort, and i’ve been very indecisive on body type, so she’s ranged from a big, round Mother Earth/Gaia type to something so slender and angular she looks like a pile of rocks. And this one, which just looks like any random Skinny Model Chick with Mira’s haircut and pendant.

I’m doing a whole series of element-based women, and Mira’s the hardest to pin down so far. Plamya is on the muscular side, because when warriors are associated with elements they tend to be associated with Fire. Vetra looks more like a dancer. Voda is also a bit on the tricky side, because as a water-creature i’m torn between making her look bone-thin, as though her skin is just water flowing over her skeleton, or larger and rounder as though she is made of rocks worn smooth by water, but even there is just two proper possibilities.
Mira? Mira can have damn near any body type.

Option overwhelm.

Mira II | © 2012 Keelan Rosa | Pencil + Digital

Original pencil art available for $15 | Digital print available starting at $10.44

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