Sketch: Collectible

Collectible Item. Do Not Remove Original Packaging.

This is a pretty shoddy-looking collectible, though, and even with the original packaging i don’t think it’ll fetch much on eBay.

Just when i think i’m getting the hang of oekaki… i put out something like this. *shudder*

[Oekaki Animation]

In unrelated news, i have a Twitter account now. It’s probably a stupid thing for me to have right now, because i don’t personally know a single person who uses Twitter (i know of some people – Scott Sigler and Mur Lafferty come to mind – but i don’t personally know anyone. I’m just that kind of anti-social geek.) But i’ve got a nasty habit of joining a social network, keeping a lonely-but-active profile for a year or two, and then quitting the day before all my friends join the same network and talk me into reactivating my account. Why stop now, eh?

Anyway. If anyone wants to follow me on Twitter, go ahead.

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