MOO MiniCards

I’ve been meaning to order business cards for ages, and didn’t get around to it for the longest time, and frequently ended up kicking myself for not ordering them whenever someone expressed interest in my art and i had nothing to show them. Right before New Year’s i decided to just get down to it, type up the first thing i thought of and crop the first ten interesting pictures i had, and make up some MOO MiniCards.

I first heard about MOO MiniCards through Green as a Thistle, describing them as an eco-friendly business card alternative because they use less paper, are recyclable, are made from sustainable rainforests, etc. Although, MOO is British. And i’m in the States. Shipping across the Atlantic? Not quite as eco-friendly. Oh well.

Anyway, they arrived today and oh. Wow. I love them. The scan i took doesn’t do them justice (all the photos i tried taking were even worse, though; i seem to be having multiple technical problems today.) I ordered a Supernana* holder to put them in and have been carrying them around and pulling them out and just looking at them all day. Dare i say, i quite nearly started petting them on several occasions. They just feel awesome. The website says they have a “matt laminate” finish and honestly, i don’t know what that means (though i suspect i should), but they’re smoother and crisper-feeling than most business cards i’ve handled. I like that.

I can’t really comment on the oh-so-important printing and the images because, well, i was frustrated and in a hurry when i uploaded the pictures for the cards (yes, i knew that was a bad idea even while i was doing it. Obviously, i don’t listen to myself very well), so the source images weren’t perfect to begin with. I will say, though, that even the worst of the cards needs to be closely examined to notice any of the image problems. And the text side is crisp and clean and beautiful. So, while i don’t know how good MOO’s printing is, i know it’s certainly not bad. I’m looking forward to my next order, when i’ll have much better source images set aside, to see just how good they come out.

*There’s not much to say about the holder because, well, it’s basically a piece of felt. A very nice piece of felt, hand-stitched and with special thumb cut-outs which make removing cards a breeze, but still a piece of felt.

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