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Most heroes work high-paying jobs by day and save the world from super-villains at night. Punchline, however, saves the world during the day, when all the other heroes are preoccupied, and makes his money working the comedy clubs at night. This secret identity gives Punchline an extra advantage in that villains never really know where he is, as he tours the clubs on a national level and is rarely in the same city for more than a few days.

For those who haven’t seen it yet: i tried blogging the WiP this week, with some success… I’ll do things a bit different next week, still thinking on it.

CIA preview

by Obezyana
on MojiZu

Leave a comment to get the password for this week’s Comment Incentive Art!

edited to add: I’ve had a Mojizu account for ages now, and never actually uploaded anything to it. Until today. w00t.

(Honestly? That right there is half the reason this week’s illo has no background. I finally remembered my Mojizu account, um, exists, and Mojizu requires blank white backgrounds. So i skipped out on it so i’d finally have something to upload. The comment incentive art is slightly spiffier.)

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  1. What an imagination. Very fine illustration.

  2. Great, a really nice work, a fine interpretation of the theme!

  3. […] going to do something cutesy, like a little kid hoarding video games, but then i decided to give Punchline an enemy or two. Starting with Diamondback, the diamond-hoarding jewel […]