I’ve set up a print account on a new site, Imagekind. I’m still testing it out a bit, but i think it may end up replacing deviantART as my main print account.

There’s several reasons why i want an alternative to deviantART – the biggest one is gift certificates. I’d like to be able to send people prints once in a while, but, understandably, not everyone is keen on handing over eir mailing address to “that random artist i met on the intarwebs.” Gift certificates would be a nice alternative, but deviantART doesn’t seem to offer them (they do offer deviantDOLLARS, which their FAQ says will be available as gift certificates in the future, but no word as to when or whether or not they’ll be available to people who aren’t already members of dA.) Imagekind? Offers gift certificates. Right now. To anybody with email. w00t.

That’s not to say i’ll be passing out gift certificates right and left – i’m already planning on cutting back my weekly drawing to something more like monthly (Imagekind has higher base prices, so even with the artist’s discount it’d cost me more to send out “free” prints) – but it will certainly make things much easier for people who don’t want to hand out their mailing addresses.

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