No, not that CIA. Comment Incentive Art. Either way, it’s still very secretive and hush-hush.

Every week or so, new password-protected posts will appear in the Sketchblog. Behind the locked doors of these posts will lie hidden works of art, and it won’t just be eye candy – it’ll be some kind of freebie for a select few to play with. Sometimes it’ll be based on a non-CIA piece elsewhere on the site; sometimes it’ll be totally new. And once a new CIA is posted, the old one will be completely locked down. Only people who already have the password will be able to get it.

Unlike the Central Intelligence Agency, however, Comment Incentive Art passwords will be easy to get. Just leave a comment somewhere in the Sketchblog, and be sure to put your email address in the “mail” field when you do. Within twenty-four hours, you’ll receive the latest password in your inbox. That simple.

Fine print: Leaving your email won’t result in you being signed up to any sort of mailing list. There is no CIA mailing list and you won’t be added to the regular mailing list just for leaving a comment. Good news, you won’t have to opt out of anything you don’t want. Bad news, you might miss the next CIA. Basically, sign up if you want, don’t if you don’t.

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