IF: Soar

For the Illustration Friday theme, Soar.

A retelling of the Ugly Duckling story, but with chickens. Admittedly, it’s not very realistic for a swan egg to end up in a chicken coop, but it does add some interest to the story, no?

For one thing, ducklings are cuter than cygnets, but not that much cuter. Chicks? ZOMG adorable. More room for taunting and harassing the poor baby swan this way.

And adult ducks? Yeah, they’re not as pretty as swans, but they’re not as ugly as chickens, either. Plus, both ducks and swans can fly much better than any chicken i’ve ever seen. And while duck is a more common dish than swan, it’s not Number-Seven-Combo-Meal-common.

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  1. LOL! Sweetie you are too funny! Love you! Mum

  2. Great reasoning! I’d have to agree with you! I really like the strong graphic layout and use of colour tinged with your great sense of humour! Very clever!

  3. Great illustracion, love the lines and the color. Nice style, keep on the good work.

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