IF: Save

Re-posting from an old Illustration Friday theme, Emergency. Cheating? Yeah, i guess. Kinda.

A few random side-notes:

  • I just discovered the Pieces of Flair app on Facebook. So there’s now a Cat Retrieval System Flair. I probably won’t do that with every illustration, but i wanted to play around with Flair. So i did.
  • I’ve been thinking about offering a sort of drawing system, giving away a (very small, like 4×6 in.) free print a week (usually the week’s IF. Unless i crap out and don’t do an IF.) Issue being, should the drawing be selected from people who leave a comment on the image (which would be precious few people, but people who are obviously interested in the pic)? Or from people subscribed to my e-mail list (which, yes, i know, has pretty much disappeared. It’s at the very bottom now, and i need to fix it so it’s back up in the sidebar, where people might actually notice it.) Heck, i’ll start this week if there’s enough interest, but i want some ideas on who to choose from ^_^ Leave a comment.

Oh. And speaking of prints, this one’s available.

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  1. Cute. Can’t help wishing there was actually some kind of robot at the end of that arm though 🙂

    As for the selection process you asked for feedback on, picking people from comments seems to make most sense to me, especially since most of the prints are probably going to be IF pieces :). Hope that helped!

  2. I would love to win a print! Its so generous of you to sponsor such a thing.

    -Sara D.