IF: 100%

Inspired by the Illustration Friday theme, “100%” – this little guy is aiming for 100% Atmospheric Stability.

In the same vein as my image for “Soar” – a retelling of an old story. Here, rather than frantically running about shrieking the sky is falling, Chicken Little is studiously attempting to solve the problem.

I attempted to make a screencast of the artistic process, but it didn’t quite work. Well, it did work, but it’s very grainy and not worth watching. I think i learned some things about screencasting, though, so maybe next week i’ll have a good video to post.

**Prints Available** – sizes, 9″x12″ ($8.12-$9.36) or 18″x24″($29.86-$34.44); with Matte, Glossy, or Lustre finish.

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  1. This is great! Wonderful take on both the theme and the turning an old story on its ear.

  2. great concept and composition!