Artistic Meditation: Bad temper.

Pencil, 3½×2½ in. » ©2008 Sharon Rosa

I once heard of a form of meditation in which the person meditating draws a circle, then imagines the circle contains the entire universe and draws the universe inside. Since how a person “sees” the universe varies according to the information and emotions in eir head at any given time, the resulting drawing ends up being more a snapshot of the inside of the person’s skull than the outside universe. I honestly don’t know what religious group most commonly uses this type of meditation – okay, i heard of it on an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. So, really, i don’t know if any human group uses this type of meditation, though it does remind me of the Zen concept of painting an enso as an indicator of spiritual health. At any rate, the idea has stuck with me.

I’m not really interested in most other forms of meditation – i barely have the patience for a minute of slow breathing, never mind ten. (Yeah, i know meditation would improve my patience. I should work on that.) But i like this form of meditation. I haven’t practiced for a while, but… well, aside from a lack of patience, one of my biggest flaws is a nasty temper. Like, “stupid enough to punch a guy twice my size” kind of temper. Meditation is healthier, i think.

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