I went to a Seamus Kennedy concert last night. Lots of hand-clapping-along-with-the-music and foot-stamping and loudly-singing-along and general merriment.

I see Seamus at least twice a year and most of the time i give him a little bit of gift art:

I don’t like this particular one, but Seamus did, which is what really matters.

Showed Mum before the concert:
“It’s not all that great, but i don’t have time to work on it any more.”
“Is that really what i look like?”
“No, Mum, i told you, it’s not a good picture…”
“That’s a funny-looking trumpet.”
“The whole thing’s funny-looking!”

I also did some people-watching sketches at the concert, which i haven’t had the chance to scan in yet. I’ll post them tomorrow.

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