This is probably the quickest Illustration Friday image i’ve done yet – basically just a quick sketch scanned into Illustrator and finished off with Live Trace. Eh. I kind of like the rough-edge style but i really wish i had the time to do a cleaner sketch and try it out that way, too.

I’ll work on making some prints of this tomorrow. It’s been a busy day and i still have to pack for a little trip to Philly. Yay.

[upd] Prints available here.
Not to engage in too much self-pimping, but i really love how the 4″x8″ version came out. The extra space makes it look all lonely and foreboding, more so than the original. And at that size, even the most-expensive lustre print is only $2.99.

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  1. Such a simple and yet powerful the style!

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