• I have no idea what the plastic-y thing they are wrapped in is supposed to be. I vaguely remember thinking, “He’s absorbing her!” while i was drawing it. So apparently the red thing is part of the guy robot, who is, i don’t know, eating the fembot. With his shirt.
    Note to self: Get a full night sleep before drawing weird stuff.
  • This week i kept thinking about, but could not remember the title of, that one Kurt Vonnegut story in which a male scientist falls in love with a female scientist and wins her heart by having their computer write poetry for her, but the computer fell in love with the female scientist while trying to win her for the male scientist, etc., etc.… Come to think of it, i’m not even entirely sure it’s by Kurt Vonnegut. All i remember for sure is having watched a short film based on it in my Lit. of Sci-Fi class. So if anyone knows what i’m talking about, leave a comment, because i’ve been slowly driving myself insane trying to figure it out.
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  1. illustrations by doni
    Thursday 26 July 2007, 9:49 pm |

    …it’s as if his heart was on the outside of his body. with that said when he finally finds the one, he wraps them in his heart…and I’ve had a good night’s sleep. nice piece!