I always thought it must be horribly annoying to be a fireman and get called to rescue… a cat.
So, for that oh-so-tragic non-emergency of Fluffy going squirrel-chasing, i present… The Cat-Retriever.
The Cat-Retriever has a touch-sensitive claw which enables it to gently retrieve any sized cat, from a malnutritiouned stray kitten to an obese Persian. Attached to the claw is a small dispenser which sprays out a mild tranquilliser, just strong enough to calm the kitty without needing to worry the cat will lose its grip and fall before the claw picks it up.
Alternatively, you can just set out a can of tuna and wait for the cat to come down on its own.
*Print available*

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  1. I love this! Great concept and the composition really pulls you in.

  2. I’m sure it could be done! Such a good idea.

  3. Great take on the topic – and I love your perspective! Nice!