Making Of: Stitches

This is a tutorial/”making of” on my image “Stitches.” I have screenshots of all the major steps, plus i have my tool settings listed here to help re-create the style.
Any comments/questions/critiques would be greatly appreciated, as this is my first time making anything even remotely tutorial-like. ^_^

Stitches: Step 1

Scan of the original pencilled image, drawn with regular ol’ artist pencils.

Stitches: Step 2

Pencilled scan, cleaned up and resized a bit.

Stitches: Step 3

Moved the line-art to a new layer with 50% opacity/60% fill. Not my favourite way of making line-art for colouring, but it works and it’s quick. I filled the background layer with a light beige and then made a new layer for fooling around with colours so i could choose a skin tone.

Stitches: Step 4

All the flat colouring is done. The colours i’m using are on the top layer so they won’t be dulled by the line-art layer – otherwise i need to hide the line-art every time i want to use the eyedropper. Annoying.

Stitches: Step 5

Added some shading and highlights using a combination of the Burn tool at 5-10% strength and 0% hardness, the Eraser tool at 50% opacity and 0% hardness, and the Brush tool at 50% opacity and 0% hardness.

Stitches: Step 6

I finished off by using a lighter version of the skin tone to make the scars paler than the surrounding skin, and outlined the scars’ stitches in a dark red colour using a small brush set at 90-100% hardness.