Memportreto | © 2013 Keelan Rosa | Photoshop | $10.44

Memportreto | © 2013 Keelan Rosa | Photoshop

Since i’m speed painting every day this month anyway, i gave myself a new self-portrait for my birthday. I usually use a self-portrait instead of a photo for my avatar or userpic on the sites which allow such a thing, but my last one is over a year old (and, by extension, a piercing short), so it’s due for an upgrade. (My hair’s also a bit shorter, i have new glasses, and i received the pictured awesome elf ears as a gift last birthday. But the piercing number is what really needs to stay up to date.)

Plus, this one’s in colour. The last one was in pencil and the one before was a sort of black/white/sepia thing. I like colour.

I spent a good bit longer on this than my other speed paintings – almost two hours – but i think it’s still quick enough to count as a speed-painting. At any rate i started it the same way i do all my other speed paintings, so it was a speed painting for the first hour.

No video, though. Or, rather, there’s video of the first fifteen minutes, and after then my screencapture software stopped working. Still not sure what happened there, especially as the counter indicated it was running for the full two hours. I’ll post a wee bit on how this painting differs from my normal speed paintings when i upload it to on DA, for anyone who’s interested in the details.

Reproductions of digital art available starting at $10.44

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