The Ant King | Written by Benjamin Rosenbaum | Illustration by Keelan Rosa

W00t. First illustration of ’09. Yeah, i’ve been slacking a bit. Time to get back to work. Starting off with a pile of book-cover illustrations for Creative Commons or public domain stories (up next: Poems for Pale People. Quite a random book.)

This one’s based on Benjamin Rosenbaum’s short story, The Ant King. In theory i probably should have done The Ant King and Other Stories, which is actually long enough to get a book cover, but A California Fairy Tale is a way more fun subtitle. Plus, finding a short story collection with a cover which actually matches the stories is like finding an Amish IT worker (i’d take a jab at Dell here, but i haven’t used their tech support in about four years, and i hear they’ve greatly improved since then), so given the choice between “a cover which actually matches the short story collection it’s for” and “a cover for a story which is so short it will never have need for its own cover…” well, the one with the cooler subtitle wins.

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