Just a reminder my Imagekind prints are only on sale for one more day. That includes both the on-paper prints and the on-canvas prints, the little tiny eight-by-ten prints and the giant forty-eight-by-sixty-inch prints. It even includes the giant prints on paper types so fancy i can’t pronounce them, like “Hahnemuhle Torchon” – actually, this is pretty much the only time you’ll be able to get a massive hahnemuhle torchon print for under $100.

You can also have prints framed through Imagekind. I have no control over Imagekind’s framing prices, so i can’t put those on sale, but they’ve got more framing options than any sane person will ever need. Like, i’m seriously considering hiring a virtual framer so i’m not stuck with the default frame but don’t need to tinker with it myself. That many.

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