Zomg two pages together! Um, the final book won’t actually have any two images together like this, because there’ll be descriptions and legends and maybe even some outright faerie-tales mixed in – which is good, because compositionally speaking, these don’t look so great together. But i wanted to see what the book would look like if it were just a straight alphabet book, with nothing else mixed in, and this is the first time i’ve really had two letters where the pagination would land them next to each other. I feel like i’m working on a Real Book instead of just a series of prints.

Based on the legend of the bean sí, or banshees, faerie-women who serve the same role as funeral keeners.

Traditional legend says the bean sí only sing for the very important deaths (some legends going so far as to list the spefic clans with bean sí) – i think we can all agree, though, that a pop star dying on stage is the sort of death a bean sí wouldn’t be able to resist.

As for the wings – the bean sí are occasionally claimed to be shape-shifters. Among their most common forms is the form of a hooded crow. I just couldn’t pass up the potential for making her an angel of death.

And a little bit of extra-special skateboard awesomeness: the Bean Sí skateboard received a Today’s Best award on Zazzle. It’s not exactly a grand, massive, earth-shatteringly awesome award, but it is proof someone besides myself and my mum likes the board.

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