Sketch: Protector of the Book

Pencil, 11×8 in. » ©2008 Sharon Rosa

This confident magical girl has wide green eyes and short, straight, fine, blue hair worn in a practical style. She has a curvy figure. She has strength powers that are invoked by concentration. Her outfit is green and black in even proportions, and it strongly resembles a set of casual clothes.
From the Seventh Sanctum Magical Girl Generator

I guess this could be considered fan-art? I’ve been reading Lukyanenko’s Twilight Watch over the past few days and basically, there’s a book called the Fuaran which holds the key to some pretty absurdly powerful magic. Most Others refuse to acknowledge it exists and those who do are in unanimous agreement that if it’s ever found, it should be immediately destroyed.

I haven’t finished reading Twilight Watch yet, so i have no idea how far off base i am with this (probably very far)… but what if there were a group of Others who had found the Fuaran? And while they considered it too powerful to be actually used, they also considered it too important to be destroyed? Yeah, i know, it gets down into Da Vinci Code-style conspiracy theories pretty quickly – but wouldn’t The Da Vinci Code have been way better with vampires and wizards anyway?

Back to the character herself. She’s a high-ranking member of the Order of the Fuaran. As far as humans are concerned, she disappeared as a child. As far as most Others are concerned, she was killed by a rogue Dark Other as a teenager. But that’s all magical trickery. The Order of the Fuaran knows the truth – she’s one of their guardians. She never lets the powerful book out of her sight and she will destroy anyone who tries to take it from her.

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