Sketch: Peace Fighter

Pencil, 11×8 in. » ©2008 Sharon Rosa

This peaceful catgirl has slitted, purple eyes. She has medium-length, luxurious, straight, brown hair worn in a classy style. Her fur is brown with white streaks all over her body. She has a lithe figure. Her ears are floppy and wide-set, and her tail is short, brush-like and carried with a curve. Her fashion preferences are best described as “punk rocker.” It takes a lot to get her attention.
from the Seventh Sanctum Catgirl Generator

It very well may take “a lot” to get her attention – but a nuclear bomb certainly does the trick. As far as “peaceful?” I’m reminded of the “No Vacancy” song, “Fight”…

I’m not a fighter, i’m a lover
But if you run, then run for cover…

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